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Portico Quartet

Moody and atmospheric, UK’s Portico Quartet fuses elements of jazz, electronica, and ambient music to create sonic textures that are alternately urgent and mesmerizing. Aiding in the luxurious sound is the use of the Hang, a two-halved percussion instrument made of steel.

Formed by childhood friends from Southhampton, Jack Wyllie (sax and keyboards) and Milo Fitzpatrick (bass) and university pals Duncan Bellamy (drums and electronics) and Nick Mulvey from Cambridge. Mulvey left the group in 2011 and was replaced by Keir Vine on keyboards.

The group’s debut album, Knee-Deep in the North Sea, was released in 20017 and nominated for a Mercury Prize Since that time, they’ve released three studio albums (two of which were on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. The quartet recently released the compelling new track, “Signals In The Dusk,” a preview from its new album Memory Streams, slated for release on October 4th.

Signals In The Dusk



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