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I love when I'm blown away by the music of a band or the lead guitarist. While going through my Instagram I came upon the videos of the super-talented guitarist Tim Henson. I needed to find out more and discovered his band Polyphia. The band originates from Plano, Texas and their music is a mix of not only progressive rock but I hear classical, hip-hop, and metal. The band consists of guitarist Tim Henson, guitarist Scott LaPage, bassist Clay Gober and drummer Clay Aeschliman. The band says their influences come from many music genres but in listening to their guitarist I can hear a Jimi Hendrix influence in his style of playing.

The band started out posting videos on YouTube of their classical guitar covers. If you haven't checked it out you should, the guitar playing is phenomenal. They made their debut in 2013 with the EP, Inspire a record that had them go in a different direction musically. It was followed by the album, Muse in 2015. They started out more of a metal band but have since mixed in other genres like hip-hop, pop music, funk, and progressive rock. Their sound has matured and their fans have

followed them through each musical transformation. I came to find out that guitarist Tim Henson

was influenced by Jimi Hendrix's playing which made me smile. I'm a huge Hendrix fan and the

virtuosity that Tim Henson shows on guitar had me in awe. The band has released several albums and EPs throughout the years. They just released their latest single, Neurotica from their forthcoming album, Remember That You Will Die. The band is now on tour throughout the U.S. and will arrive here in NYC at Irving Plaza on August 6th. Check out this super-talented and multi-faceted band and support independent music and musicians. Happy Listening!




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