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Peach Tree Rascals

Peach Tree Rascals all met in high school and are a music genre-blending band that is based in L.A. Their music is a mix of RnB, Rock, Pop, and HipHop. Some of the band members started making music as early as 6 years old. Peach Tree Rascals are a mix of Mexican, Filipino, and Palestinian roots which makes their music much more unique. They wish music didn't have to be put into genres or sounds but to just be...... and what makes you feel good. They produce cheerful music that has eclectic blends of alternative jazz, RnB, hip hop, and funk. For about a year all they did was write and record lots and lots of songs till they finally decided on five to seven songs they thought would be presentable. They started tossing band names around and at first, came up with Peach Tree Village but that was quickly voted down by the band members then one of their members said Rascals and the rest of the band all looked at each other and knew that was it, Peach Tree Rascals was born. Check out this amazing band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening.

Things Won't Go My Way



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