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November Wrap-Up

We kicked off November with two new Featured Artists, Canadian pop singer Kiki Ireland and the Brooklyn-based funk ensemble, Pimps of Joytime. Each month playMYmusic.FM gives a little extra attention to these featured artists, with additional music resources so our readers can check out both audio and video for these talented up-and-comers.

For the Jazz Cafe, we began with Massachusetts native, guitarist Mary Halvorson and checked out Richmond, VA’s Butcher Brown. We headed back to the trusty London jazz scene for Barbados-born Shabaka Hutchings for some sax magic, and finally traveled up to Scotland to check on trumpeter Colin Steele’s comeback.

Due to serious technical difficulties, we weren’t able to do proper Two fer Tuesday profiles for Superorganism or Kwaye, but you can check them out on YouTube. Other Two fer Tuesday artists included a couple of Country gals from Nashville, Lillie Mae and Emily Hackett. Carlos Cros from Spain mesmerized us with his Flamenco-inflected classical guitar, while also learning more about Sweden’s alternative singer Korantemaa and the Baroque Soul of Joon Moon from Paris. Rosie finally let me choose an artist, so I went with one of my favorite genres, Bixinga 70 from Brazil.

December's line-up looks pretty interesting too. Be sure to follow up on social media for the latest indie artists from around the world.


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