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Noise In Your Eye

There are many purists of specific music genres but if you keep your mind open you can discover great new artists. Noise In Your Eye is one such duo. The band consists of Adrian Chivers and Daniel Pennie both are based in Wiltshire, England. Their approach to music is mixing Jazz elements with classical, improvisation, and fusion of different styles. It can range from a funky groove to classical strings and everything in between. Both Adrian Chivers and Daniel Pennie are composers, musicians, and lovers of movie soundtracks.

Adrian Chivers who is also a producer has worked with and collaborated with many artists from Jazz, rock, and more. Together with musician Daniel Pennie, their music is both jazz with classical and ambient pieces that somehow mesh together. They made their debut last year in 2020 with their self-titled album, Noise In Your Eye and the album featured some well-known musicians such as Keith Tippett, who sadly passed away last June, Michael Giles (co-founder of King Crimson), and Nick Mason(drummer and one of the founding members of Pink Floyd). All of whom are well know in the jazz and progressive rock circles. The duo is already in the studio putting the finishing touches on their 2nd album to be released sometime this year. Check out this multi-talented duo and keep an open mind for it will take you to wondrous places musically. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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