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No Resolve

No Resolve burst onto the Detroit rock scene in 2009. Formed by guitarist Russ Mitchel and singer Oscar Pegorraro in Lake Orion, MI, the group evolved from open mic nights and grew into a full-fledged band when the two leaders recruiter bassist James Rose and drummer Jon Vidal.

They gigged around Michigan for years until they recorded their debut EP, A New Beginning, in 2012, later releasing the single “Get Me Out.” The song was particularly popular at Detroit Red Wings games and has earned over 15 million views on YouTube.

Two years later, after a great deal of touring in between, the group released its full-length debut, Unity, in 2014. The album was recorded in both Michigan and Tennessee over the course of 18 months. Its latest, The Divide, was released just last month and features the single “This Is War.”

This Is War



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