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New York duo Morningsiders, taking its name from the Manhattan neighborhood where Columbia University is located. It was there that Magnus Ferguson (guitar and lead vocals) met Reid Jenkins (fiddle and vocals), later adding Cody Gibson (bass and vocals) and David Su (drums and vocals) to round out their sound.

The band has released an EP, 2015’s Unfocus, and several singles, the latest being “Not Your Lover” earlier this year. Their pop sound is strongly infused with both folk and jazz influences. The song “Empress” was featured in a Starbucks commercial, and "Honey Hold Me," wound up on one of Taylor Swift’s popular playlists.

Though the group continues to record and tour, the founders have moved apart geographically, if not musically. Ferguson now lives in Boston, pursuing his Ph.D. in philosophy while Reid has remained in New York to pursue some solo projects.




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