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Milky Chance

German alternative duo, Milky Chance has been making music since high school when founding members, Clemens Rehbein and Phillip Dausch met in the jazz band they were playing in. They started recording songs and uploading them to YouTube to gain a following.

Their music is a mix of alternative pop with electronic music and influences of both folk music and reggae. Quite an eclectic mix. In 2013 they recorded their first EP, Sadnecessary which was done at Clemens Rehbein's home studio. They both say that Bob Marley was a big influence as well as Jack Johnson, Ray Charles, and John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They also love Whitney Houston and say her music puts them both in a good mood. I love their taste in music! After the release of their debut EP, they skyrocketed to fame and have been touring ever since. Check out their song, Stolen Dance which won them new followers and fans around the world. They released their second album, Blossom in 2017 and toured the world. Their music has reached even established artists like Imagine Dragons who did a remake of their song, Stolen Dance, they are still pinching themselves about that one. This year they released their latest title, Trip Tape, and their single, Love Again. As of this writing, they just released their remake of Soft Cell's classic Tainted Love with a reggae feel to it, check it out. They were recently asked who would they most love to collaborate with and they said R&B/hip-hop singer, Lizzo. They may think that can't come true but I think Lizzo just might reach out to them....hey you never know. We hope they tour next year and play several cities in the U.S. If they are in your neck of the woods be sure to support independent music and musicians worldwide. You won't regret it. Happy listening!

Love Again



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