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Melissa Laveaux

Nothing I love more than listening to some good folk-rock music. I came across this singer-songwriter and guitarist and was enthralled. Melissa Laveaux from Montreal, Canada mixes folk, rock, and elements of her Haitian heritage into her music. Her guitar picking style is reminiscent of the style used in Afro-Caribbean music. She was born in Ottawa, Canada, and has since moved to Paris, France but found she needed to know more about her parent's country of origin.

She immersed herself in the history and stories of Haiti and brought that sound to her album, Radyo Siwel which was released in 2018. Her first album, Camphor, and Copper in 2006 was her debut to the world. That album was a mix of blues, folk, and country. But with all musicians and singer-songwriters as you grow so you change. Change in direction is always good for the growth of an artist. Although sometimes if they are signed their A&R reps might dissuade them from venturing too far musically. This has not been the case for Melissa Laveaux and during the time that former President #45 remarked that Haiti was a "shithole country" she immediately recorded a remake of the song, Angli-Ko by Haitian singer, August De Pradines. She changed a few words in the song and inputted some choice words of her own. She felt the need to express her feelings for what was happening. It's how she recorded her album, Radyo Siwel. She has opened for the singer, Suzanne Vega and R&B legend, Bobby Womack. Her dream band of musicians she would love to play with is Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes fame, Flying Lotus for sound design and keyboards, Thundercat on bass, Cuban drummer, Yissy, and Kendrick Lamar producing. Now that would be something else to see live. She just released a new single, Lilith and we look forward to a new album and tour. Check out this talented, singer-songwriter, guitarist and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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