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Matters Unknown

After listening to this jazz group's latest songs I was completely blown away. Matters Unknown is the project of jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist, Jonny Enser. The music is a mix of jazz with Afrobeats that brings you into a spiritual awakening for your soul.

Based in between Leeds and London this artist has been a part of the jazz-funk band, Nubiyan Twist but has played with many others. He is not only a musician but also has been teaching for the past 4 years. Jonny Enser has a degree in jazz performance from both Salford University and Leeds School of Music since 2013 and has been giving classes to children in all forms of jazz.

In 2017 he decided he wanted a new project one in which he could spread his wings musically and therefore created Matters Unknown. This project came to mind while he was living in New Orleans for a few months, its site and sounds just consumed him and he needed to express that. He says his all-time favorite jazz artist who influenced him was Donald Byrd because he was able to weave in and out of different sounds with ease. He also names jazz trumpeters, Christian Scott,

Marquis Hill but loves beatmakers and composers, Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington. He is all set to tour and has some dates lined up in the U.K. We hope he brings this project to the States and especially here to NYC so we can have a spiritual music experience. Check out this talented musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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