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Los Bitchos

When I first heard the music of this band I was picturing a cumbia band from Columbia or Ecuador, but I was pleasantly surprised. Los Bitchos band members who are from several countries around the world are comprised of Serra Patale, guitarist(Western Australia), Agustina Ruiz, keytar(Uruguay), (Josefine Jonsson, bassist(Switzerland), and Nic Crawshaw, drums(London, U.K). The music is what you call electrified cumbia with a dance feel to it.

The band all met in London's underground music scene but why cumbia of all music genres? Seems that Agustina Ruiz has a huge Latin music record collection and they all fell in love with cumbia. This band is so entertaining and what I love is their tequila-fueled parties and creativeness. They have been described as Turkish psychedelic rock, disco and that's not too far from the truth. Their guitarist, Serra Patale is of Turkish heritage says she wanted the band to sound like "Van Halen and the Cocteau Twins - but from Turkey," Each band member brings her own flavor to the band and together create some amazing instrumentals. The band made their debut on February 4th with their album, Let the Festivities Begin. Their dream they say is to have the Spice girls be their backup dancers in a video. Now wouldn't that be something? In the meantime, they also released a single from the album, Las Panteras. I can't wait for them to come to the states and tour especially here in New York. Check out this fun band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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