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La Dame Blanche

This singer-songwriter and flutist is one super talented cigar-smoking diva. La Dame Blanche aka, Yaite Ramos Rodriguez from Havana, Cuba is out to shake things up in the music world. She grew up with music all around her and it's the air she breathes. Her dad, Jesus "Aguaje" Ramos is the trombonist and artistic director for the Buena Vista Social Club orchestra. She is classically trained on the flute and she admits she felt pressure with her music career, who wouldn't when your dad is with the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. At age 20 she decided to move to France and is proud of her Cuban heritage and wears her traditional Cuban dress. La Dame Blanche which in French means The White Lady knows the urban legend of that name but she wants to honor it and show her intent. Her music is a mix of hip-hop, cumbia, reggae, and dancehall, she calls it, hip-hop Urbano-Cubano. She has had some success with international club bangers and her first EP was released in 2014. She has been released several songs since then and in 2017 debuted her first album, Bajo el Mismo Cielo. In 2018 she made her stage debut in the U.S. at the SXSW festival and has been gaining followers and fans all around the world. Last year released her album, Ella which explored many of the situations and political, economic strife that an Afro-Cuban woman goes through in a 21st-century world. Many club DJs have loved her dance tracks and there is so much more that is emanating from this free spirit. She has no fear and loves being different but there is one place she does get nervous and that is her native country of Cuba. She says her people don't know what to make of her but we are sure she will win them over. Last month she released her latest single, Mata Sede. La Dame Blanche is on tour in Europe right now and I can't wait for her to return to the U.S., let's hope there are some New York dates to see her live. Check out this fascinating and talented singer-songwriter/flutist and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!




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