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It's not very often that a song really captures my attention but this singer did. Meet New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra Lee Johnson aka Kimbra whose music some may find to be eclectic but to me and her thousands of fans, it's heaven. Her music is a mix of pop, R&B, and jazz with rock musical elements. She grew up around parents that are in the medical field but somehow music found her. She started writing songs by age 10 when her dad bought her a guitar. She started taking lessons and before long she was onstage. While in high school she competed in the national musical competition called Rockquest for three years in a row. At the age of 14, she came in second place in the competition.

At 17 years old she won the Juice TV award and caught the attention of Mark Richardson who was formerly head of Independiente Records and saw her perform and signed her to his then-indie label Forum 5. After she signed with her new label she moved to Australia. Since that time her career has taken off big time and later she was signed to Warner Bros but has since left. She has released several singles and even came to the attention of singer-songwriter Goyte. He featured her on his song Somebody That I Use to Know. She made her album debut in 2011 with Vows and in 2012 Rolling Stone had her win the One to Watch award. She has toured the world and even won 2 Grammy's along with singer Goyte for the song "Somebody That I Use to Know. They won Record of The Year and Best PopDuo/Group at the 55 Annual Grammy Awards. She has released several more albums and has signed with indie record label Inertia Records and is set to release her new album A Reckoning in early 2023. Looking forward to seeing her live soon here in the States. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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