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Jussi Reijonen

I'm sure you will all agree that the sound of a saxophone is so soothing. It's how I felt when listening to jazz guitarist, Jussi Reijonen's song. This talented artist from Finland is not just a guitarist but also plays the Arabic oud. He can play both fretted and fretless guitars. He grew up in several places other than his native country of Finland but also in the Middle East and East Africa. The experience of living in those different countries with their native music has influenced this artist and his sound. Those sounds have you travel to distant lands and have you in the groove.

It all started when he was four years old and was listening to a Finnish well-known rock band named Dingo. Originally he says he wanted to be a drummer but a friend upset him that was selling his drum set. Instead, he asked his father for a guitar and at age 13 he started playing that instrument. This jazz artist knows no frontiers and therefore has created his own cultural influences that are important when you are a composer. He has played, composed, arranged, and has been a band leader with the best in jazz from such artists as Jack DeJohnette, Pepe De Lucia, singer Anna Abreu and a host of other international stars. He has said, “I believe that sound itself defies cultural boundaries: its natural physicality connects with a primal humanity in all of us, and in doing so, transcends culture." He made his debut in 2013 with his album, Un which won an Independent Music Award. He just released his sophomore album Three Seconds| Kolme Toista last month and it's incredible that I can't stop listening to it. Listen to III. The Weaver, Every So Often the Sands Shifting Beneath Her with its beautiful arrangements. This album is his transcultural suite and it's in 5 movements. When he comes to the States you must check him out live. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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