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Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn
Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn has a busy schedule. When he’s not acting in TV, films or the stage, he is singer/songwriter and bandleader, fronting Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit. Born in S. Africa to a family immersed in entertainment--dad was a singer/actor, half-brother Jerome is an actor as well (Bronn to Game of Thrones fans) and actor Daniel--it’s no wonder he had a hard time pursuing just one art form.

Johnny’s first recording, A Larum, was issued in 2008. Since then, he has been steadily releasing EPs and full-length live and studio recordings through 2014. His latest, Sillion was released on indie label Transgressive Records in 2017.  Not idle during that three year-gap, Johnny kept busy with that other career of his.

Sillion takes his traditional folk sound to interesting places.  Some Eastern influences can be found, as well as traditional bluegrass and country, and a track of “disco-folk” according to Drowned In Sound.  After his stint on stage playing a psychopath, he penned a darker tune “In the Deepest.” Drowned in Sound notes that with the release of Sillion, “With this album we find Johnny Flynn striding comfortably and confidently into his own’s looking bright for this thoughtful and intrepid musician.”

Raising the Dead



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