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Jazz the Roots

Jazz the Roots formed in Ecuador near the end of 2011 and play jazz with a distinctly Latin flair. The group maintains its keeps reggae as its “axis,” and those elements are certainly evident. After a few years of touring its home country and Chile, the band was ready to release its debut record, Homonymous, in 2011. The album, released with a blank cover with just the band’s name, was accompanied by a brush and watercolors inside so the listeners could create their own covers. Even analog can be interactive.

Three singles followed, which were eventually added to 12 new tracks and digitally released as Lúpiter. The 5-piece ensemble consists of Luis Sigüenza on saxophone, guitarist Gabriel Jofré, Miguel Gallardo on piano/keyboards, bassist Ismael Villarroel, and Raúl Molina on drums. The group continues to tour, and it’s likely about time to head tot the studio once again.



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