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James Brandon Lewis

Free jazz emerged during the late 1950s and became popular by the '60s as a new way for jazz artists to express themselves with more improvisation. Today many new jazz artists have been playing this style because of the freedom it gives them to express themselves musically without structures. Jazz saxophonist and composer James Brandon Lewis is one such artist.

Born in Buffalo, New York he was raised in the church and thus began his musical journey. He has been a sideman for artists in gospel, R&B as well as jazz. He attended the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts and after he graduated attended Howard University under the tutelage of Charlie Young. After Howard University he moved to Colorado to follow his gospel roots and establish himself there. He performed with the Queen of gospel, Albertina Walker, and won an award for Best Instrumentalist with Dorinda Clark-Cole's singers and musicians conference in 2007. After a few years, he decided to expand his musical palette and moved to New York City. He has performed with some of the best in jazz including Gerri Allen, Joshua Redman, Benny Golson, and more. He has received many accolades from some of the best both in music and in media including jazz legend Sonny Rollins who said, "Promising young player with the potential to do great things having listened to the Elders." In 2010 James Brandon Lewis made his debut with the album, Moments and has released several albums since then. In October of last year, he released his latest, Molecular, and is set to release another album in May titled, Jesup Wagon with his quintet. Check out this super-talented tenor saxophonist, composer, and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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