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Jacob Garchik

Jazz trombonist, Jacob Garchik was born in San Francisco, CA but has been living in New York City since the mid-nineties. His mom who played the piano inspired his musical aspirations. Since age 10 he has been taking jazz and band lessons. Those lessons have paid off and not can he play the trombone but is also a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He is most comfortable playing different styles of music where he can spread his wings musically. He is very prominent in the Downtown and Brooklyn music scene. He is the co-leader of the

Mexican brass band. Banda de Los Muertos.

He has recorded over 5 albums and has played with many artists both from the jazz world and the avant-garde. Artists such as Laurie Anderson, Natalie Merchant, KD Lang, Angelique Kidjo, John Hollenbeck, and many more. Normally trombonists are like outsiders in the jazz world but this talented artist is right up there with the best of them. He released his debut in 2005 with his album, Abstracts. In 2012 he released an album that got plenty of praise from jazz critics called, The Heavens - The Atheist Gospel Trombone Album. Listen to the song, The Problem of Suffering with its strong horn section reminding you of a New Orleans jazz band walking down the street. He followed that with two more albums each exploring new styles. He just released his latest album Assembly, and again explored things musically. This album will remind you of film scores with a unique touch. Check out this versatile and talented jazz trombonist/multi-instrumentalist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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