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Have you ever had a song just stick in your head all day? This pop singer-songwriter from Belgium, IIiona had me humming her song, Garçon Manqué all day. This talented young singer has been creating a stir with that single. Iliona says she prefers to be underrated than overrated. It's more intimate to be underrated or underground. She is always taking risks with her music but so far her instincts have been on point. One of her goals was to perform live with her audience right there in front of her in an intimate setting. This pop princess is captivating all that hear her. Listen to her song, Moins Joli and you will be enthralled.

She made her debut last year with her EP, Tristesse and the emotions emanating from her vocally give you chills. She started playing the piano by ear and at first music was not what she wanted. She says she wanted to be in the cinema or do art but somehow music found its way. She started by posting videos of her songs on YouTube and the response was overwhelming. Iliona decided to follow her heart and has realized that music videos are cinema, and you can include your drawings to make a musical project. She already has many big names in music that want to collaborate with her but she is taking her time. This past January she released her new album, Tête brûlée and it's already garnering critical acclaim. Check out this beautiful singer-songwriter from Brussels and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Bonne écoute!

Garçon manqué



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