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Harold Lopez Nussa

Latin Jazz, one of my favorites. It's music moves you and those piano solos are always something. The Latin Jazz scene in Cuba has

been bustling for decades with such maestros as Chucho Valdez, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and many more. In that scene, Latin jazz pianist Harold Lopez Nussa grew up listening to them in Central Havana, Cuba. There was a time when the U.S. and Cuba were at a standoff but through the years and most recently with the explosion of musical talent coming from the island, those borders have been more open, in particular with Jazz. Harold Lopez Nussa still lives on the island and loves the calm and peacefulness so he can create his musical landscapes. He started playing the piano at 8 years old at the Manuel Saumell Elementary school of music and later graduated from the Instituto Superior de Artes with a degree in classical music and comes from a musical family. His father, Ruy Lopez Nussa is an esteemed drummer and educator and his mother, Mayra Torres was a piano teacher. His brother Ruy Adrian Lopez plays drums in his band.

Harold Lopez Nussa's music mixes elements of Cuban folk with rock, pop, classical, and even some Yoruba ceremonial music along with jazz. He says he doesn't consider himself a Jazz musician but in listening to his albums his skills are impeccable. He didn't really take up jazz until he was 18 years old but since then he has been obsessed with it. He made his debut in 2007 with the album, Canciones and has released 7 albums since then. His latest album, Te Lo Dije was released this past August. Check out his super-talented pianist and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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