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Gregg August

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a drum and bass head. Especially the stand-up bass or double bass which is used a lot in jazz music. This instrument can either be played using your fingers or a bow and it's known for its low warm tone. I had heard so much about this jazz bassist that I had to check him out. He was born in Schenectady, NY, and is currently residing in Brooklyn, N.Y. He has been playing for years and has played with the best in jazz from Ornette Coleman, Chick Corea, Latin percussionist, Ray Baretto, and Branford Marsalis. He is an adjunct professor at New York University and the University of Connecticut. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and has a master's from Julliard. Gregg August is the nephew of noted pianist, Peg Delaney, and bassist, Bill Delaney who are well known on the local jazz scene. He first took music courses at the University at Albany. Soon after he began getting major gigs in both jazz and classical. He moved to Spain and became the principal bassist for the Orquesta Ciutat de Barcelona.

Gregg August music is a mix of jazz with Latin, avant-garde, and classical. He has toured the world and can be frequently seen playing with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra here in New York City. He is a musician, composer, and educator and has been part of JD Allen's Trio for a very long time. He has released three critically acclaimed albums on his own record label, Iacuessa Records. This past March he released his latest album, Dialogues on Race, Vol 1. This album took several years to record and now has been released during this trying time in our country. He has a 12 piece orchestra on the album including noted jazz saxophonist, JD Allen. Gregg August has said that he wanted to explore race relations by using vocal pieces and instrumental blends inspired by the works of beloved poet, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Francisco X. Alarcon and Cornelius Eady. Check out this amazing bassist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Sherbert (Just to Be Certain That the Doubt Stays on Our Side of The Fence)



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