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Fred Frith Trio

I love experimental jazz and this jazz trio hits all the right notes. Fred Frith Trio from the San Francisco Bay area consists of English guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist, Fred Frith, American bassist, Jason Hoopes, and American drummer, Jordan Glenn. They have been making music together since 2013 and have recorded several albums that keep raising the bar in experimentation.

The trio got their name by accident. It seems that the promotors of the venues they played at liked the Fred Frith Trio. Although Fred Frith has never been fond of having his name being headlined but has remained in place all these years because of the promoters. The trio toured Europe in 2015 and they realized this could be something. Indeed it has been and critics can't stop talking about them. If you listen to their debut album, Another Day In Fucking Paradise, and in particular the track, Yard With Lunatics you can almost hear some King Crimson in there. It's that kind of experimentation and venturing into the unknown musically that keeps jazz fans coming back. They have been praised by such jazz magazines as Downbeat, Jazz Views who described them as, "an exhilarating and explosive kicking against the doors of improvised music." They released their second album in 2018, titled "Closer To The Ground" which was also very well received. Check out the track, Up In Smoke with its cool rhythm and groove. You will notice when this trio plays live, guitarist, Fred Frith who reminds me of actor, Dennis Farina, uses a bow in order to get some interesting reverb from his guitar. Last month they released a live album titled, Road that features special guests, Susana Santos Silva and Lotte Anker. Check out this eclectic and interesting jazz trio. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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