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Fever Ray

Fever Ray is Swedish singer-songwriter, Karin Dreijer Andersson, on her solo project. She is one half of the electronic music band, The Knife. As a solo artist, she is free to explore creatively with her music. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden this talented artist didn't waste any time forming a band. In 1994 they formed the rock band, Honey Is Cool then later formed the band The Knife with their brother. Since 1999 they have released several albums and for a decade kept plugging away. Then all of a sudden one of their songs hit it big and they won over 6 Grammis ( The Swedish equivalent of The Grammys). You can say it was overwhelming and they took off from the music biz for several years.

They have come back with a solo project and a new band called Fever Ray. They say they have a lot of songs and have been consistently writing. Their voice is distinctive and is at times shrill and deep in tonality. She reminds me of New Wave/Punk singer-songwriter Nina Hagen. Check out Nina Hagen's songs and you can hear her influence on FeverRay's singer. They use technology to record multi-tracks where they can manipulate pitch tones. Visually they either wear different styles of masks or paint their face to reflect the mood of the show. They released their self-titled album Fever Ray in 2009 and the single, If I Had a Heart was used on TV shows Breaking Bad and Person of Interest. In 2010 they made their debut at the Coachella music festival and won the crowd over. A new album Plunge was released in 2017 and they won producer of the year for the record. They say their musical influences are Kate Bush, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Aphex Twin. They did collaborate with Iceland's singer-songwriter, Björk. After their divorce, Karin Dreijer announced they are queer and use the pronouns they/them. Fever Ray just released their new single, What They Call Us and we are looking forward to a new album soon. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

What They Call Us



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