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Esinam’s name comes from the Ghanian language of her father’s Ewe ethnic group. Despite growing up in Belgium, the composer/flutist has strong ties to her father’s homeland, considering it a “second home.” She even has a passport from the country to visit relatives and hopes to tour West Africa.

Melding avant-garde jazz stylings with electronica and percussion traditions from both Africa and Brazil into what some call “Afro Futurism,” Esinam has been hailed as “the future of Afrojazz.” (Bruzz) Her first single.”Electric Lady” was well-received, and her follow-up, the eponymously-titled EP released in 2018, earned her even more praise. She’s collaborated with the likes of Baloji, Ibaaku, and Alsarah & The Nubatones. She’s performing throughout Belgium in May with additional dates in France and the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Switzerland in June.

Electric Lady



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