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Dora Jar

Singer-songwriter Dora Jarkowski who is professionally known as Dora Jar just had the opportunity of a lifetime. She opened up for alternative pop singer-songwriter Billie Eilish and the crowd loved her. She was born here in New York City and later her family moved to California where she spent her growing up years.

Her mother is a stage actress who was always singing show tunes around the house and would play music at home. The songs were from Stephen Sonheim and she would sing along to them. She says she has always considered herself a New Yorker and she definitely has the attitude of one. Her music is a mix of rock with folk and elements of electronica and some hip-hop all mixed in to create the bedroom pop she sings. I find her way of writing songs very interesting, she will put on her headphones and go walking around to get ideas. This is how she wrote her debut EP, Digital Meadow, and was surprised at how it blew up on Soundcloud. Since then she has gained a following and has several artists also loving her music. Billie Eilish was one of them and after an artist had backed out of the opening slot she invited Dora Jar to open up for her on her Happier Than Ever World tour. Her style of music and its avant-garde sound at times reminds me of legendary singer-songwriter, Kat Bush. Check out her song Opening and you'll know what I mean. She released her sophomore EP, Comfortably In Pain this past March, and it's already on fire. She is now on tour and will be here in NYC on November 8th and play at the Bowery Ballroom. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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