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Denise Chaila

In the past 2 years, more and more women are being signed that are not only writing and producing but also have started their own indie labels to release their music. This talented rapper/poet hails from Limerick, Ireland, and has been making quite a splash on the music scene. Born in Zambia, Africa her family migrated to Ireland in 2012 and has fully embraced her dual citizenship, which is actually the title of one of her songs. Her father, a doctor accepted a position in Limerick, Ireland, and thus began her journey into a new world. Poetry is her refuge from the world's ills and where she can fully express herself.

She started writing songs and through her performance on the show Other Voices, Courage series in Ireland, she has made the world take notice. She hooked up with District and Havana Club which brings music and cultures to Cuba. She spent some time in Cuba and since then she has been performing with other artists, recording, writing, and producing. One of Denise Chaila's main drives is the one about racial equality in her country of Ireland. Her songs and poems deal with the emotions and feelings of someone in a foreign land where she needed to fit in right away to avoid scrutiny. She has had haters trolling her online but working with supportive friends allows for her to express herself in their comfort zone. She has released several singles and in 2019 released her debut EP, Duel Citizenship. In December of last year, she released a new single, Anseo. She says that she is a small pocket dreamer with a big voice, a voice we are happy to listen to. Check out this talented poet/rapper and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Anseo ft. Jafaris



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