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Brigitte Beraha

Her voice is like listening to an angel and the sounds she creates are otherworldly. Jazz singer-songwriter, Brigitte Beraha from Milan, Italy grew up listening to a variety of music. Her father is Turkish and her mother Turkish-British and she grew up in the Côte d’Azur in France, talk about a mix musically. She grew up listening to her father sitting at the piano and singing, this was one of her earliest memories that influenced her to go into her profession.

Brigitte Beraha like many singer-songwriters today likes to blend jazz with other music genres. Some of the music that she loves varies from electronica, Latin, classical, and more. She believes in exploration and expression vocally. Her vocal capabilities remind me of singer-songwriter, Kate Bush. This singer-songwriter regards her voice as an instrument and uses it that way in creating a cornucopia of vocal sounds. Her first release was in 2005 with the album, Prelude to a Kiss, check out the song, Got No Blues with its beautiful smooth saxophone

sound and her impeccable vocal phrasing. She has since released several more albums and each one with constant elevation musically. Her journey takes her through her interpretation of jazz standards and Latin music. Last November she released her fourth album, By The Cobbled Path and is about to tour starting this month for her upcoming album, Blink. Check out this etheral vocalist/singer-songwriter/composer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Too Far To Hear My Singing



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