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Bastien Keb

Bastien Keb real name, Seb Jones is a multi-instrumentalist from Leamington Spa in England and currently residing in Peckham. His love of music especially jazz fusion, psychedelic 70's funk, and soul create some otherworldly sounds. He is a guitarist first and foremost but also plays trumpet, bass, drums, and flute. He not only plays his instruments but also sings, produces, and engineers his own records.

He made his debut in 2015 with the album, Dinking In The Shadows of ZiZou, an album that received quite a bit of press and interest from radio. Stamp The Wax, a music magazine out of England said that the album was, "One of the most sonically interesting releases" in that year. Since then he has released 2 more albums with his latest release in October of 2020, The Killing of Eugene Peeps. Bastien Keb has paid homage to the masters of jazz, funk, and soul. His experimental style is what keeps things interesting. Check out this super talented multi-instrumentalist and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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