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Asaf Yuria

They say that musicians are always exorcising their demons through their music and playing. Jazz saxophonist, Asaf Yuria from Tel Aviv, Isreal just released his latest recording Exorcisms and it's awesome. He was raised on the classic jazz sounds of such artists as John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and others.

When he got to high school he found himself playing along with the records. New York City was always calling his name and he moved here to continue his jazz studies. He spent almost a decade playing with such great jazz artists as Jimmy Cobb, Billy Kaye, Eddie Henderson, and more. As a musician, you learn to play better by watching and playing with your contemporaries. He made his album debut in 2018 with the title, Papa Wawa and recently released his latest called, Exorcisms. Asaf Yuria has also been playing with jazz bassist, Omer Avital for the past five years. He is a frequent player at the new jazz club in Bushwick, Brooklyn called, Wilson Live. He says," he is looking for that mysterious condition in which the listeners and the musicians are immersed together in the moment." You can hear different influences in his music from middle eastern rhythms to Latin swing rhythms. He has been on tour for most of 2021 and we hope he slows down just enough to catch his breath and play here in NYC. Check out this talented jazz saxophonist and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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