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Antonio Lizana

Jazz is the type of music that you can incorporate many different rhythms from other music genres. Jazz saxophonist, singer, and composer, Antonio Lizana does just that. He was born in San Fernando, Cadiz, Spain. The country where Flamenco originated and is part of its culture. Antonio Lizana's love of music started at age 8 when his father a rock fan, played a recording by Deep Purple. He is classically trained and learned how to play the saxophone by age 10 and later in life in the Basque country is where he started his Antonio Lizana Group. His love of Jazz began after he went to some Jazz seminars while in school. He has collaborated with Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, Arturo O'Farril, and has been on stage with Jazz legends like Dave Valentin and others. He mixes his love of Jazz with his love of Flamenco along with Eastern European grooves and sounds to create colorful landscapes of rhythms and well, happiness. Antonio Lizana was just signed to the major record label, Warner Brothers, and his new album, Una Realidad Diferente will be released on May 22 of 2021. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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