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What a beautiful name and one that is distinct and memorable. Meet French-Senegalese singer-songwriter, Anaiis whois as memorable as her name. Her beautiful vocal tones tell the story of someone who has been searching or trying to discover themselves. At a young age, she went from her city of birth, Toulouse, France to Dublin, Dakar, living in Senegal with her Dad then New York, and now residing in London. All those changes are reflected in her music. She says it's how she got through the pain. Her music addresses depression, isolation, grief, and trauma. She is a big advocate for mental health awareness. Anaiss is not your typical R&B singer-songwriter. Some of her songs sound like classical masterpieces with all the sound orchestrations. Check out her song, Undulations and you will know what I mean. She says, "I've always felt the need to use my music as a means for healing."

These days she likes the slow pace that everyone has been forced to accept. The pandemic presented many challenges and she realized that before she was all about productivity. She was not making time for herself and now she does. This singer-songwriter is also multi-lingual and sings both in English and French. She is also a visual artist and enjoys creating concepts for her videos. She made her debut in 2019 with several singles like Darkness At Play and others. Last September she released her album, This Is No Longer A Dream. The title is her realization that she finally released her music. These days she wants to make people happy through her music and I think she's doing a great job. Check out this ethereal singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy Listening.




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