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Alice Phoebe Lou

Singer/songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou spent her formative years on the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. Growing up in an artistic family (her parents are documentary filmmakers), she was drawn to music early. She started out on piano but eventually learned to play guitar. Summer trips to Paris visiting her aunt inspired her to head to Europe after school, and she lived in Amsterdam and finally made her new home in Berlin.

Once there, she began performing as a street musician, eventually landing a spot on a local TV show. After releasing her debut EP, Momentum (2014), she started getting noticed by record labels, but she instead chose to reject their offers in order to remain free to make music her way.

A live album, touring, and multiple appearances at SXSW ensued, followed by her debut studio album, Orbit, in 2016. A year later she released Sola, another EP. Her latest album was released earlier this year. Paper Castles was hailed as “a dose of progressive pop, continually chafing against the barriers placed in front of her.” The record also helped her to earn the artist of the month spot from Consequence of Sound.




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