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Yot Club

You may think Yot Club is a band but it's actually singer-songwriter Ryan Kaiser from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is a one-man band that writes, plays, and sings all the songs. This young and talented singer-guitarist has been playing his instrument since he was eight years old. His music is lo-fi

beautiful melodies and great giddy and catchy lyrics just listen to his song, Fly Out West. Ryan Kaiser likes to record his music

on the move. He actually has a mini studio set up in his car so while out on the road if an idea hits he can instantly record his music.

Now that's what I call mobile.

He doesn't like to have his music labeled as nostalgic because that's not him. He writes and records all types of songs and at one point had so many on his computer that he opened up a Soundcloud account to put his music out there. These days he releases new material as much as he can. He released his debut EP in 2019 called Aquarium and with it several singles. This artist is completely independent and has done very well on his own. He has released music on his Spotify account that he has written, recorded, and mastered himself. In 2021 he released his album, Santolina, with the single, Alive and according to sources, this artist has a vault of music that he will be releasing to the world soon. Hmmm sounds like an artist we all knew who had a vault with the music he recorded for years to come. Now doesn't that sound like Prince! He recently announced his new album, Off The Grid will be released on June 10th and a tour will follow. Check out this super-talented singer-songwriter, and producer, support independent music and musicians. Happy listening.

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