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Hip-hop music has been changing over the years since it first started being a music genre. Nowadays artists are not only rapping and singing but are experimenting with new sounds and creating new hip-hop categories. This hip-hop singer-songwriter from Staten Island, New York is causing a stir with his lyrics and smooth vocal delivery. He is professionally known as Wolfacejoeyy and he's been recording hip-hop songs and releasing them via online music outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, and others.

I first came upon his song Hi Hater and loved the flow and style of the song, then I went searching for more music from this artist. Each song sounded better than the next and his rapid-fire delivery and smooth vocals always caught my attention. There is not much known about this talented singer-songwriter but he has been releasing new tracks through Soundcloud and each track is more exciting than the previous. He has been a featured singer on the tracks of such artists like Xhulooo with their song, xoxo, and others. His music is a mix of trap, pop-rap, R&B, and hip-hop. He released an EP last year titled, Yours Truly and just released his latest, It's Just Us, and the single, Miss Me. Check out this talented honey-voiced rapper, singer-songwriter and support independent music locally, nationally, and worldwide. Happy listening!

Miss Me



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