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Wild Child

Wild Child formed in 2011 in Austin by vocalists and principal songwriters Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins. The pair had been in another band before, The Migrant, but played supporting roles. Stepping out of the shadows, they teamed up with new musicians to create indie pop with a substantial infusion of folk music.

A pop band with its own string section is unusual enough, and Wild Child uses Wilson’s violin along with Sadie Wolfe’s cello to create luxurious textures. More strings in the form of Beggins’ baritone ukulele andCody Ackor’s guitar and trumpet) work add to the lush sound. Rounding out the group is bassist Tyler Osmond and Tom Myers on drums.

Wild Child released its debut, Pillow Talk in 2011. Extensive touring and appearances on TV shows like “CBS This Morning: Saturday” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” have steadily grown the group’s fan base, along with additional releases like The Runaround (2013) and Fools (2015). The group’s most recent album is Expectations, released last year. The band can be seen at Austin Originals Benefit Concert & Live Stream on August 24.

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