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Warhaus is the brainchild of singer-songwriter, Maarten Devoldere who is also the frontman for the Belgium rock band, Balthazar. He decided to create his alter ego and decide what kind of music he would like to create as a solo artist. It didn't take him long to figure things out. He said he wanted to make the type of music in the style of songwriters of the '60s. I think he succeeded.

During his time with his band Balthazar he started writing during a five-year period for his solo project. The culmination of his writing period was his debut in 2016 with the album, We Fucked a Flame Into Being. Check out the song Against the Rich with its great retro sound. In 2017 he released his self-titled album Warhaus, listen to the song Love's A Stranger with his Leonard Cohen type of phrasing. Warhaus music has hints of such artists as Jesus and Mary Chain, Nick Cave, Tricky, Robbie Robertson, and of course Leonard Cohen. He chose the name Warhaus because it was the name of the tugboat he wrote his songs. on. This coming November 11th he will release his new album, Ha Ha Heartbreak. Warhaus be on a European tour in March of next year and we hope he comes to the states for some shows but in the meantime check out some of his songs. Remember to support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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