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This Dutch multi-instrumentalist is an artist/producer to watch. DJ Jonathan Tan aka, Wantigga is a rare artist who is not only talented but also unique in his approach to making music. He started producing music after he heard Wu-Tang Clan's 36 Chambers and had wanted to rap like Method Man or thought it would be as easy as rapping like Method Man. He later moved onto the music of Dilla and Flying Lotus. Wantigga felt that no one was playing the right kind of club music so he wanted to shake it up. His favorite artists right now are Kaytranada, Jordan Rekei, Ben Khan, and others. He would love to work and produce with hip-hop artist, Drake. Wantigga's music mixes multiple music genres from hip-hop, soul, neo-soul, and electronica and creates these beats that are smoother than melted chocolate. Last month he released his debut album, Andreas and it's already burning up the club and hip-hop charts. Check out this talented multi-instrumentalist DJ/music producer on our 2ferTuesday and April's featured artist of the month. Support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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