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Walking Cliché Sextet

Korean-born bassist SeaJun Kwon loves to compose in what he calls quiet chaos. He's been composing this way for quite some time. His jazz group consists of Aaron Dutton on Alto sax Jacob Shulman on Tenor saxophone, Michael Juba Prentsky on trombone, Michael Juba and Jacob Hiser on piano, Charles Weller and Amery Logan on drums, and SeaJun Kwon himself on bass.

The band likes to explore the liminal spaces in composition/improvisation and chaos/order. When listening to their recordings you can hear some of that chaos in their playing. Listen to the song Suite Chase Reflex from their debut EP of the same name which is both rhythmic in sound and chaos enterwined to create a most interesting composition. They describe the title of that album

as both a joke and seriousness. SeaJuan Kwan loves creating dualities in his compositions and is most observant of certain aspects of life. He interprets both his frustration and exhilaration through interesting compositions that can be both avant-garde and classical in nature.

They just released their debut album, Micro Nap, and it's full of intricate sounds such as that of white noise. SeaJun Kwan explains that the title of the album means, "In signal processing white noise refers to a random signal with equal values across the frequency spectrum." He says its how he interprets his surroundings. He likes having a sextet because it reminds him of both the flexibility of a small group and the complex arrangements of a Big band. If you love avant-garde jazz then you will enjoy this album. We can't wait for them to play some gigs here in NYC soon. Happy listening.




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