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Versus Me

Ever since the band Evanescence, I have been searching for new rock metal bands. This one caught my attention, Versus Me from Janesville, Wisconsin is a metalcore band on the music circuit. Metalcore is a fusion of metal and hardcore punk music. The band members have been musicians with other metal and scream bands and got together in 2014 with the same passion and vision for their music.

The band members include the Milbrandt brothers(James and Lee) on vocals and bass, Dustin Hansen on guitar, and J.J. Johnson on drums. In 2018 they released a remake of the song Shout by Tears for Fears that I have to say blew me away and I don't usually like remakes. It's heavy and it rocks. The band says their musical influences are Maroon 5, Born of Osiris, Copeland, and A Day to Remember. They released their first album, Changes in 2016, and their second album, Continuous in 2019. They have toured around the country and can't wait to get back to playing live again. They just released their latest single, Control this past May and I look forward to seeing this hard-rocking band live. Check out this talented hardcore band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!T




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