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Two Shell

I happen to be at a record shop when I heard this duo's song. It made me think of the days when I would hang out at Tower Records for hours listening to records. Meet U.K. duo Two Shell from London who has been driving the beat at many clubs around the world. You can't help but start tapping your feet and unconsciously your body starts moving when you hear their beats. Both producers mix electronic beats with garage, hyper pop, and dubstep. Their shows sell out and be prepared for a mind-meld of beats when attending. They made their debut in 2019 with the single, Wedding Practice and have been releasing EPs and singles since then. The duo is playful with their image as well when live and has fun with different samples. Some of their samples can be R&B cuts, dubstep, and so much more. I will guarantee you won't get bored when checking their music out or if you do happen to be in London for one of their shows. They love digging through the crates and have become quite masterful in their productions and live sets. They have been releasing their music on vinyl only which for audiophiles is fantastic. This past January they released their EP, Home and it has quickly become a DJ's favorite and is in heavy rotation. It's 160 BPM, a serious high that you don't want to come down from. This past June they were in Barcelona and did a set for Boiler Room. I can't get enough of their latest single, Icons which also happens to be the name of their new EP. If you love heavy bass sounds and beats well check out this hot production duo, Two Shell. They are on tour so be sure to catch them live.

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