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Reggae music for a long time had been male-dominated but since the 2000's women have been making themselves be known. If you've listened to reggae artists such as Lady Saw and Marcia Griffiths then you already know what's going on. Today there is a new generation of young female singers making waves in reggae and this singer-songwriter is one to watch. Singer, Patricia Wambui Mwaura or better known as Treesha from Nairobi, Kenya has been gaining followers with her beautiful voice and pitch. She started singing by age 8 and grew with music being played at home. Her father, (the late John Ben Mwaura) was a guitarist and singer and he helped groom his daughter's singing talent. While attending church she decided to join the gospel choir as a way to advance her vocal range. Her musical influences are Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Destiny's Child, and Aaliyah. She loves singing R&B, jazz, African traditional songs, pop, and of course reggae. Treesha is in her element in the studio recording as well as on stage which to her is her home. Since age sixteen she has been living in Cologne, Germany, and has worked with several well-known producers such as Denham Smith and others. She made her debut with the album, Listen in 2015 with its reggae tracks and RnB-tinged songs. She is not your typical reggae or dancehall singer, she likes mixing things up and she hopes her music is accepted by the masses. I say she is having no problem in that respect. Last year she released two singles, a remake of Rhianna's song, Rehab, and re-released her song, Fire Daughter with reggae singer, Queen Ifrica. Treesha is busy writing and recording and I can't wait to hear more from this talented singer-songwriter. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Irie! Happy listening!


Fire Daughter



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