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Thomas de Pourquery

Jazzman, Thomas De Pourquery is not easy to categorize. There are so many elements that go into his brand of jazz. As a child, he loved playing rugby so music was not on his radar yet. He was born in the city of Bondy in France and when he turned 14 he traded in sports for jazz music. This exciting saxophone player/singer/composer mixes jazz with several music genres. He says the music he creates he dreams.

He is a multi-talented musician, singer, and actor. I have to say I love the songs and his experimentation is otherworldly then again his birthday has nothing but 7 's born on 7/7/77, which may have something to do with it. His music was inspired by the music of the '70s a great decade in jazz music especially from Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Chick Correa, Jaco Pastorius, and more. The decade where jazz was mixed with Latin music, African rhythms, rock music along with synthesizers, and electric guitars. Thomas De Pourquery has said, “Music is the only known spaceship, or in any case, the only time machine. It’s amazing. It’s a reality and it’s before our eyes because music cuts up time.” He made his debut in 2014 with his band Supersonic and the album, Play Sun Ra. His sophomore album was his interpretation of Broadway show tunes. In 2012 Jazz Magazine named him, "Revelation of the year." Jazz critics just can't get enough of him and with good reason. He just released his latest album, Back to the Moon yesterday and it's full of great experimental music such as the title track, Back to the Moon and the beautiful Jungle and so much more. Check out this eclectic talented jazz saxophonist/singer/composer and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening.




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