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The Liquor Store

Canadian indie jazz band from Montreal, The Liquor Store is making a name for itself on the jazz circuit. The band consists of seven members who are truly amazing musicians. They have been playing many of the jazz festivals around Canada. The band's infectious sounds and energy make you want to move. Their music is a mix of R&B, Electronica, funk with some hip-hop thrown in for good measure.

They have been together since 2011 when a couple of accomplished jazz musicians got together and started playing around their college campus. In 2019 they won the GAMIQ award for best jazz album of the year for their recording, Nightdrive. Their recording style can be heard on each track and each one has a different feel or groove. When you listen to the track, Lemonade from their Nightdrive album it has the feel a la Billy Preston with its keyboard sounds and funk groove.

I loved how each track had little nuances that keep me listening. Even their song, The Getaway Plan with its organ intro and their 70's style vibe in sound reminds me of driving down the highway listening to such radio stations as WBLS-FM or WWRL-AM from back in the day. During the pandemic, the band members wrote, recorded, and produced their follow-up album, Colossus. This album has a lot of spirit and just listening to it you can almost see the bright colors of sounds in your mind. The album again mixes soul, funk with some sci-fi keyboard sounds. You can't help but smile when listening to this album....from the title track to the last it's just exciting in sound and scope. We hope with venues and concerts now opening up that this septet comes to the States to play some shows. Check out this fun and exciting jazz group and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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