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The Heliocentrics

In London, England there is a strong resurgence in Jazz. Many English musicians are mixing Jazz with either Afro beats, Nu Jazz, and other musical blends. The Heliocentrics is a band from this Nu Jazz era. The band mixes jazz with funk, space music in a fusion that is both funky and psychedelic. They released their debut in 2007 titled, Out There and on their second album in 2009 collaborated with Ethiopian musician, Mulatu Astatke. The Heliocentrics lead by drummer, composer, and arranger, Malcolm Catto, is known as the psyche-jazz funk band. Indeed their music is infectious and with a groove, you can either dance to or just chill out. They are a recording and production collective that mixes jazz along with hip hop, funk, library music, electronica, and more.

The Heliocentrics have been contributing tracks to several DJ's in the U.K. as they are part of the cross-cultural South London jazz renaissance. In 2017 they released their first composed feature film and continue to be on a roll. In 2016 they enlisted Slovakian vocalist, dancer, actress, Barbara Patkova to continue their free-flowing musical journey. In February of this year, they released their new album, titled, Infinity of Now. Check out this amazing band and their cocktail of music. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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