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The British these past few years have such an appreciation of Jazz that more and more jazz artists are popping up throughout the United Kingdom. The mixing of music genres from several countries like Africa, Cuba, Brazil, and more make the combinations colorful and full of amazing rhythms. One such band is Teotima from London, U. K. They are a 10-17 piece band that mixes Jazz with Soul, Funk, Latin, and world rhythms to create an unmistakable funky beat that you can't just sit and listen but must get up and move. They make rare live performances but when they do the crowd gets into a spiritual groove with the band. The band lead by guitarist, Greg Sanders makes sure that each song is written with its band members in mind so that each one brings their own vibe, character, and voice to each piece. Teotima released its debut album in 2013 and last year released two albums, Weightless and Remixed in August. Check out this talented group of musicians and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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