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Taylor DeBlock

If you haven't heard of Taylor DeBlock by now you soon will. This Alternative R&B Pop singer-songwriter has been creating a stir on the music scene. He was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, and raised in the town of Easton. Since the age of 13, he found that his passion was music. He studied voice under a jazz and broadway vocal coach and decided to further his studies by attending Elon University studying Music Production and Recording Arts. He says he was an athlete and at first didn't want to tell his friends that he was singing. He didn't even invite them to any of his annual recitals but the more he learned about music the more he wanted to create. After he graduated from college he got a job as a recording engineer but after a year decided it was time to branch out on his own. Since then he has been recording and producing his own music and has recorded several singles. He just released his debut EP, Manque last November and has several singles out. Check out this talented singer-songwriter, and producer. Support independent music and musicians locally, nationally, and worldwide. Happy listening!





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