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I love Rock n Roll has been a mantra that has echoed through generations. Rock music has gone through some changes in the past 2 decades and nowadays many rock bands are mixing other styles or genres. Silverstein from Ontario, Canada has been playing some great rock and roll with a touch of what they call emo and post-hardcore. The band has been playing for 20 years and is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new album and a big tour. The band formed in February of 2000 and later that year released their 1st EP. Their music is a mix of hardcore, emo with elements of heavy metal, and just good old fashioned rock and roll.

The band's name is a reference to the children's author, Shel Silverstein that the band members read as children. In their 20 years together with some lineup changes, they have released over 10 albums, 4 EPs and a live DVD/CD. They recently released a new album titled, A Beautiful Place to Drown and will be on a massive tour in 2021. This coming Sunday, July 19 they will have a live stream show online. Check out this cool rock band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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