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September Wrap Up

playMYmusic.FM was all over the map this month, both musically and geographically. We spotlighted several more artists from the sizzling UK music scene, some Latin divas in-the-making as well as pioneering women in jazz and soulful singers, and a lot more.

For Jazz Cafe, we looked at UK jazz artists, including trumpeters Matthew Halsall and Yazz Ahmed and singer Yazmin Lacey. Closer to home, we recognized long-under-the radar artists, LA's Josef Leimberg and Kindo from NYC.

With Two fer Tuesday, we examined artists from the UK, France, Canada, Sweden, Mexico, and stateside. Soulful Swedish singer Anna Leone; Colombian-born,Toronto-based Lido Pimienta; and UK singers Jono McCleery and Nathan Ball provide a wide range of genres to explore (and I still can’t get Ball’s “Waste of Time” out of my head). The UK powerhouse known as Kokoroko is an eight-piece afrobeat ensemble based in London. Two electronica groups were our focus -- Simian Mobile Disco working its magic in Paris along with Mexico’s Camilo Séptimo. We finished up the month some heartfelt hip-hop from MURS.

Stay tuned for Jazz Cafe and Two fer Tuesday treasures from playMYmusic.FM, unleashing the unsung, unsigned and unheard.


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