• Rosie G.

Scary Pockets

I love this band. They are so much fun to listen to and their mix of funk music is impeccable. Meet Indie funk band, Scary Pockets from Los Angeles, CA who have been making funky music for several years now. The band consists of guitarist Jack Conte and singer/bassist/composer, Ryan Lerman who is joined by a rotating lineup of amazing musicians and guest singers. They remind me of the jazz band Snarky Puppy which also has rotating singers and musicians. Ryan Lerman has played with the best of them from being singer Ben Folds's bassist to the guitarist for jazz singer Michael Buble and musical director for R&B singer John Legend. Jack Conte is the jack of all trades from musician to DJ, singer-songwriter, and filmmaker. Together they create some really

fun music and live are just incredible. The band likes to remake classic songs and put their

signature funky sound to it. They have the best session players from L.A. perform with them and it's phenomenal. The band has covered Alicia Keys' song If I Aint Got You, and Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. They have a big following and their shows are always packed and are gaining more and more fans every day. The motto of the band is, "Arrange quickly and simply, have a ton of fun, and be funky. " In 2017 they released their self-titled album Scary Pockets and have since released several albums and singles. You have to listen to their version of Katy Perry's song, Teenage Dream, you will love it. Last year they released their album Windows and their version of Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai is awesome featuring singer, Jacob Luttrell. They just released their latest remake of Hall & Oates's song, You Make My Dreams Come True featuring singer, Jennah Bell. Check out this super-talented band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


You Make My Dreams Come True


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