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Sasha Berliner

There is one instrument that just hypnotizes me when I hear it. After listening to jazz vibraphonist, Sasha Berliner I was hooked. She was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and is now based here in New York City. This super-talented artist has jazz fans enthralled with her music. Sasha Berliner did not start out as a jazz musician she was first a rock drummer who switched to the vibraphone. While in high school and as part of the jazz program she was introduced to the vibraphone and the rest is history. At just 23 years old she has wowed audiences around the world. She defies genres and you can tell she plays what she feels. She has played with the best in jazz from Christian McBride to Nicholas Payton and more. She has won The Rising Stars Jazz award and has many accolades. She made her debut in 2015 with her self-produced album, Gold, and released her sophomore effort in 2019, Azalea. Check out the song, A Heroine's Manifesto with its spoken word and avant-garde sound. This past July she released her latest album, Onyx and I have to say her remake of the classic My Funny Valentine is superb. She is on tour and will be playing at jazz club Smalls here in NYC with Kiyoshi Kitagawa on September 22 and October 1st at the Rainbow Room and will be back in New York on October 19 for the Nublu Jazz Festival. If you don't have any plans to trick or treat on Halloween go check her out with the Luther Allison Sextet. She's amazing and you will be blown away by her playing. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Crescent Park ( Inn Elliptical Time)



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